Exterior Home Remodeling Trends For 2022

exterior home remodeling trends of 2022

Trends For 2022

With the new year quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about what will be the next big thing in home design. We are already anticipating new trends for 2022, particularly in exterior design. If you’re planning to build a home next year or looking to do some remodeling, you might want in on what’s predicted to be the most popular.

Exterior Home Colors

If you are a big fan of the black and white color palettes, they thankfully aren’t going anywhere in 2022. Although, the bright whites seem to have been replaced with softer hues. The most popular dark tones will consist of moody, and rich-colored exteriors such as a deep charcoal.

A happy medium is a new trend called color-blocking. This allows you to experiment with deep colors without committing to painting your entire house such a dark shade.

Adding Natural Textures

One of the biggest trends, and still such a timeless touch, is adding natural textures to your home exterior alongside your siding. The most common elements are wood, stone, and brick. Another popular element, although a bit more on the expensive side, is copper accents. Whether it’s the roof or the rain gutters, these materials are sure to make a statement.

Outdoor Ambiance

It’s time to step outside the mindset that you have to have classic floodlights or front porch scones. 2022 is all about stepping outside of the box and opting for pieces that have unique features.

If placed strategically, small spotlights can enhance your landscaping and up your curb appeal. Exterior lighting also doesn’t have to mean traditional. You can opt for a fireplace on the back patio, string lights hanging from the pergola, or lanterns with LED flickering bulbs.

Elevating Outdoor Living

Long gone are the days when two rocking chairs on the porch were enough for decoration. One of the hottest exterior home remodeling trends is going all out on the back patio. Creating an extensive outdoor living space that can accommodate a variety of activities is the key to 2022 exterior home designs.

Outdoor furniture setups are now seeing dining spaces, outdoor sofas, sinks, grills, as well as the all-time favorite pergola. These sheltered lounges are not only popular but create a great hosting space too. Create a private space by fencing your entire backyard or patio area.


Recently having an upswing in popularity, metal roofs appear to remain popular in 2022. The visual appeal, high durability, and versatile design make it a crowd-pleaser for many. However, many homeowners also choose more cost effective and easier to repair roof shingles. Newer shingles can mimic the look and shape of slate and tile roofs with the benefit of a lower upfront cost. With so many color and texture options, you are also sure to find the perfect roof to match your new exterior colors.

Watching Out For 2022

If you’re planning an exterior home remodel or new home design in 2022, it might be a good idea to keep some of these home exterior and color trends in mind. By incorporating any of the above-listed trends, you are sure to create a welcoming home that reflects modern design.  These exterior remodeling ideas can make your home more attractive if you have plans to put it on the market or can simply make your home more appealing to live or entertain in. If you’re looking for some inspiration or have questions on ways to improve your curb appeal, contact us at Remodeling Masters.

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